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I’m very cautious about recommending services, but PC Bits computer services are outstanding. I’ve worked with them for one year. Since that time I have not had one computer crash--nor downtime. In fact, I performed a comparison between my desktop and laptop computers. I used Norton software on the laptop and my laptop is miserably slow and unpredictable. Knowing what I know now, I should have had PC Bits upgrade my laptop, too. They’ll do so in the future.

Marjorie Simon, Principal
Simon & Associates Public Relations
Minneapolis, MN

Just a note of praise for PC Bits.

Dean Hancy has been maintaining my computer systems for over a year and his service, promptness, expertise and computerside manner are not to be matched.

He possesses not only a continuously updated knowledge of the industry but is able to pass that on almost like osmosis to whoever he is near.

That is a rare personal quality and one found just as rarely in the IT service business.

I have referred many others to PC Bits and am confident that any of my referrals would say the same about this special company and person.

If you’d like to talk with me directly about the many times Dean has "saved my butt" please call.

Best regards,
Dean Prince
Falcon Prince Publishing
763-792-1125 Fax: 763-792-4795

PC Bits has been an invaluable resource to our company. We know we can contact you, anytime, because we have done so in the past. We appreciate that when you are in our area that you stop in, just to see if you can be of any help. With your services and practices I do not feel nickel-and-dimed. In fact, your rates are very reasonable. We are 100% satisfied with you and your services.

Stio Roofing and Construction, LLC

"My 2003 Dell PC had very slow response when I brought it in to PC Bits. When I got it back, the response time was extremely fast in every application (Internet, programs, etc.). Even my backup system went from over 4 hours to 21 minutes to copy everything on the hard drive. Incredible! I received better anti-virus and anti-spyware software also.

My wife and I are very happy with the tune-up we had done by PC Bits. The difference is like night and day. I highly recommend their service to everyone who needs their PC to perform better."

M. Thorson

When my hard drive failed on one of my computers I went to PC Bits for the repair. Technically, I have the skill to replace a hard drive on my own, but I choose to use PC Bits since they also offer a complete Tune Up, install a suite of useful programs to back up systems AND keep them all running smoothly. PC Bits picked up the broken computer and had it back to me before I needed it. It starts up faster now than when it was new! Since I work as a computer programmer, I meet many people needing computer repair service, and I highly recommend PC Bits!

Michael Ricker
Management Specialties Website Development

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