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PC Bits Services & Info

Remote Support
Remote Support

Now Offering Remote Support! We can securely access your computer at your location to provide convenient support.

Cell Phone Repair
Cell Phone

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Computer Running Slow?
Computer Running Slow?

Does your computer take forever to start up? PC Bits specializes in turbo charging slow computers.

Why PC Bits?
Why PC Bits?

Simply the best! We quickly get your computer working again and prevent future problems.

Buy A Computer
Buy A Computer

What To Know When Buying A New Computer! PC Bits sells laptops and desktops.

PC Bits Coon Rapids Location
PC Bits Coon Rapids Location

Map and Directions to our location 12045 Hanson Blvd in Coon Rapids, MN!

Computer Services
Computer Services

Repairs and upgrades that make your computer, "Better than new!" Complete Tune Ups, new computers, remove viruses and spyware, and more!

BLOG/Customer Support
BLOG/Customer Support

Blog Updates, News, Tips, and important information from the owner of PC Bits. Click HERE to read the latest info!

Computer Security
Computer Security

Protect your priceless files, programs and systems with a complete security solution that meets your budget.

PC Bits Location

PC Bits moved to new Coon Rapids Location

We’ve moved!

PC Bits is located at 12045 Hanson Blvd Coon Rapids, MN 55433

HELP! I Think My Computer Has A Virus!

PC Bits to the rescue!

I hear this heart stopping statement from customers almost every day! Most folks don't know what to do when this happens. Here is the best advice I can give.

First you must know your PC. What is "Normal" behavior? What is the name of your Anti-virus software? What does its warning look like? What is your web browser's "Home Page"? What does normal Internet traffic look/sound/feel like? How fast is the Internet? How fast do you get/send emails?

One of the first symptoms of a virus is a "change"! The Internet is "slow". The PC is acting "funny"! There seems to be lots of activity going on over the Internet wires but "you" aren't doing anything. Your "Home Page" changes to some other web site, either porn or a site that tries to sell you something. You can no longer get or send emails.

The obvious symptoms are "pop-ups". These can happen anywhere and at random times. They pop-up inside web pages, they pop-up in the system tray (down by the time/clock), they just pop-up on top of everything and they won't go away! These fraudulent pop-ups can be "official" looking warnings, or advertisements claiming that you are "infected". They FALSELY claim that they have "scanned" for viruses and found a "Trojan" or some such thing. Here is where you must know your own Anti-virus software. Just who is claiming to have found something? For example: if you have Norton Anti-virus™ then the pop-up better be from Norton!

Quick Tip-Bit: If you suspect a virus immediately shut down the PC. Restart the PC and immediately "Update" your Anti-virus program, then run a full scan. If you have any other Anti-Virus or Anti-spyware scanners "Update" them and run their full scans. If you don't have any other scanners or can't update call Dean Hancy at PC Bits.

PC Bits Computer Service and Repair

PC Bits Mission:
To quickly get your computer(s) back on-line and prevent future problems.

PC Bits is your expert resource for support. We answer questions, repair problems that others can't or won't, and give sound, cost effective advice.

A Partner to Save Costs:
Too often the other guys solution is to "reformat the hard drive" (i.e. wipe out everything on your computer and start over). This costs you time to reinstall your programs and the loss of your critical data.

PC Bits prefers to remedy the issue by fixing corrupted systems and removing viruses or spyware. We keep you informed on what we are doing and the steps you can take to prevent problems in the future.

You will know that you have a partner; someone you can trust to help with any computer question or problem.

Celebrating 15 Years in Business!

Services for your Business and Home Computers:

  • Business or Personal
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Software / Hardware
    • Installations
    • Upgrades
  • Internet Connection
  • Computer Security
  • Backup & Data Restoration
  • Technical Support
    • System Maintenance / Updates
    • Backup / Restoration
  • Troubleshooting
    • PC’s (Personal Computers)
    • Software Applications
    • Internet Connectivity
  • Training
    • Computer Fundamentals / Concepts
    • Microsoft Windows and Office Suite
    • Computer System Preventative Maintenance

PC Bits Member of Metro North Chamber of Commerce

PC Bits is a Member of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce

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