Complete Computer Tune Up

One of PCBITS Many Happy Customers!

PC Bits is famous for its Tune-up. It is proven to fix multiple issues and boost overall performance at a great price.

PC Bits will:

  • Detect and Remove all computer viruses Hijacks and spyware. Our free spyware remover software and anti-virus software is the best!
  • Repair the cause of any error messages, pop ups, lost home pages or startup errors.
  • Tune Windows for maximum performance and remove all unneeded processes. Your computer will boot much faster, shut down faster, and run programs faster than it ever has.
  • Install a complete Suite of Free computer security software. This software has been tested and proven to protect your computer from viruses, hijacking and spyware. It includes anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and Firewall software.
  • Remove all unwanted and unneeded, files, folders, software, Icons, programs, and startups.
  • Clean up, optimize, and backup the Registry File. This all important database becomes slow and full of incorrect entries over time. Viruses and spyware can corrupt this essential system file.
  • Install a suite of free hard drive cleanup and maintenance programs.
  • Install the latest Internet Explorer or Edge and configure it for maximum security.
  • Install and configure Google Chrome, the best, safest and most-used browser on the planet!
  • Install the latest versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and JAVA!
  • Install all high-priority and optional Microsoft updates and all Microsoft Office updates as applicable.
  • Blow the dust out of the case. Computers often overheat from a thick coating of dust inside.
  • PC Bits will train you in how to maintain your computer and enjoy the maximum computer security and speed. Written detailed instructions are provided and the famous free PC Bits class with each tune up. None of our competitors provide this level of support!
  • Free phone support is provided after all repairs.

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